Wilson Associates


“Love love love the website!”

“You’re fully part of it!!!”… That was the deeply gratifying response from Olivier Chavy – the president and CEO of Wilson Associates – to my raving feedback to him about the company’s new website. This story, however, is not about a new website. It’s a story about reshaping a world class interior architectural design company’s already immaculate image to fit the future of the world of luxury – one that, in Olivier’s words, is becoming “increasingly connected and dynamic”. To me, the thrilling part of the story is that I had a very unique and extraordinary opportunity to be part it.


Fate and a great endorsement from a friend and a loyal client put me in the path of Olivier, an inspiring leader with a vision, resolute about re-positioning his firm for the future. To that effect, the company was starting a major re-branding initiative that focuses on the people behind the iconic designs. Wilson takes great pride in the diverse backgrounds and immense talents of the it’s associates, and the new vision sought to place them at the forefront of the Wilson brand.


This is where my role in this project came. I was lucky to be invited along for the journey to help create images of Wilson’s leadership and designer team members that were true and candid representations of who they are and of each of their creative personalities. Over the course of three months, I’ve met and photographed Wilson’s leaders in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Singapore, and I can’t be more thrilled about the opportunity. On top of the immeasurable significance of this experience to me, I consider myself fortunate to have met such an inspiring and talented group of people, and to have established some friendships that I will always prize.


Having met this team and connected with them on a personal level during the photo shoots was a great experience and a privilege. But now, after seeing their photographs integrated with the re-branding efforts in the newly launched website, it all came together. I see the vision clearly translated –  they are the essence of the Wilson Associates, and their candid images complement their bios beautifully to establish that first point of connection in the eyes of their clients.


The rebranded website is now officially launched and I can’t wait to share the details of this photography project. A selection of the images is posted below … look for more to come.