Jeff Zilm

His are by far some of my favorite editorial pictures I’ve shot  for Patron Magazine and other similar projects. Jeff Zilm, the American visual artists and Dallas resident, was featured in Patron’s (latest) issue, and I had the pleasure of photographing him for this feature. Zilm’s art is very unique – he makes paintings that are so minimalist at the surface, but are created based on a very creative and complicated process using film stock, where he transfers cut-up film from reel to canvas. He does that through a chemical process he created that mixes paint with an emulsion base he strips from film to pain his art pieces. The end result is a captivating blend of grays and whites that has a very intriguing and, at times, ”ghostly presence”. Jeff is a highly sought after artist, at times selling pieces that haven’t yet been painted, and his works has been showcased in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions. I thank Patron’s Terri Provencal for the opportunity to capture Jeff and his art at his studio in Dallas.

Editor's Note

It was nice being mentioned in the editor’s note of Patron Magazine’s latest edition. Being acknowledged by the editor and creator of this elegant publication, Terri Provencal, is an endorsement I’m always happy to receive. In the 3 years since the inception of the magazine that covers the art & culture scenes in Dallas, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside Terri to photograph many of the high profile artists and art supporters featured in Patron. For this issue, I photographed, among others, one of the city’s most pivotal figures in the Dallas art scene today – Dallas Museum of Art director, Maxwell Anderson, contemporary visual artist – Jeff Zilm, and creative chef, author, and educator – Stephan Pyles.