End of School Year

Jude’s last day of school is tomorrow. Hard to believe how fast this year has passed by. We’ll always remember second grade as a great school year for Jude because he was lucky to have an amazing teacher that helped him make the best out of it. Thank you Ms. Hart for being a perfect mix of firm, loving and patient. It couldn’t have been as easy as you made it seem.

Moore OK

May 20th marked the one year anniversary to the EF5 tornado that struck Moore Oklahoma and some other areas around it in 2013. Many fatalities and injuries were the result of the tornado that stayed on the ground for 39 minutes crossing through heavily populated neighborhoods and schools. People from all around the nation came to help Moore with grieving and cleaning. I went to visit a couple of weeks later to see, and i still, till now, in shock with what i saw and how severe and deadly nature can be. These few pictures can not show, even though expressive, the severity of the situation when i visited.

Tanoshii Ramen

I visited this place in Deep Ellum Dallas last week during a business appointment. I usually like to keep something from every place that impresses me. I used to collect matches, but no one does them anymore. Now i snap a couple of pictures. My plate shows how much i liked the food. The decor and atmosphere were very nice as well.


Anyone who knows me well, knows I am fascinated by big cats. Any opportunity i have to see them, i will not say no. Unfortunately, i have not been yet to the lands of Africa and tour it to see those gorgeous animals in their natural habitat. However, i have been to quite a few places, mainly rescue places, that take care of neglected or abused animals. I shot this image at the InSync Exotics Rescue & Education Center. Such a wonderful cat. Meet Dinari. Dinari and his brother Malikai were both rescued in 2002. You can visit them at InSync Exotics in Texas.

The Art of Photography dot TV

In my down time, I generally like to watch two documentaries over and over again - Richard Avedon's Darkness and Light, and Henri Cartier Bresson's The Decisive Moment. I am not sure why I'm drawn to these two in particular, but they make me feel good. I like to listen to Richard Avedon talking about his highs and lows, prides and fears. Same thing applies to Henri Cartier Bresson, I like hearing him talk about his love of, and application of forms and geometry to his photography. "And if there is no picture, alright there is no picture." Cartier Bresson says in his documentary and sometimes this consoles me when I beat my head to the wall if I do not see a picture every where I look. This week, for a change, I was looking for more topics and videos to inspire me, and accidentally, I can across the videos of The Art of Photography podcasts, made by Ted Forbes. Forbes is a Dallas based photographer and a fine educator who talks from the heart. I enjoyed the time I spent viewing all the content available that he has out there. And you should too. You can find them on iTunes and on YouTube as well. He has very inspiring educational videos out that cover many topics and many concerns for photographers. I know I get lazy sometimes and get stuck editing and doing the business part of photography, I think all or most photographers do, and we forget about many other essential things and most importantly shooting. Ted Forbes inspired me again, or at least reminded me to go out, shoot more, experiment and learn. 

Denton Camera Exchange

Today I discovered a gem in the heart of downtown Denton Texas – Denton’s Camera Exchange.


Well I can’t say I discovered it. I have heard about it a couple of times (or more) from my friend Ben, but I had the chance to visit the place today, and I’m so glad I finally did. The place is run by a photographer and camera expert – Armand Kohandani. Armand got the photography bug from his mom at a very young age, same like me. The Denton Camera Exchange is one of few and unique camera stores in a town of many potential seekers of photography products and services – equipment, technical expertise and a lot more. The place is certainly unlike any other camera store i have been to. It’s a hotspot for ardent photographers to hang out, chat, buy or rent and learn about everything photography. To me, the best part, or one of the best parts, aside from having the chance to chat with somebody who shares the same passion, was finding a reasonably priced dark room closer to home. Other best parts were like playing with Large Formats, Medium Formats including my favorite Rolleiflex, and some serious 35mm film cameras ranging from a Leica III to a Yashica F3. This visit works great with my recent longing to old school film photography.

So glad I made that trip and met our good friend Armand.

This frame was shot by Armand (the store owner and manager).

This frame was shot by Armand (the store owner and manager).