Denton Camera Exchange

Today I discovered a gem in the heart of downtown Denton Texas – Denton’s Camera Exchange.


Well I can’t say I discovered it. I have heard about it a couple of times (or more) from my friend Ben, but I had the chance to visit the place today, and I’m so glad I finally did. The place is run by a photographer and camera expert – Armand Kohandani. Armand got the photography bug from his mom at a very young age, same like me. The Denton Camera Exchange is one of few and unique camera stores in a town of many potential seekers of photography products and services – equipment, technical expertise and a lot more. The place is certainly unlike any other camera store i have been to. It’s a hotspot for ardent photographers to hang out, chat, buy or rent and learn about everything photography. To me, the best part, or one of the best parts, aside from having the chance to chat with somebody who shares the same passion, was finding a reasonably priced dark room closer to home. Other best parts were like playing with Large Formats, Medium Formats including my favorite Rolleiflex, and some serious 35mm film cameras ranging from a Leica III to a Yashica F3. This visit works great with my recent longing to old school film photography.

So glad I made that trip and met our good friend Armand.

 This frame was shot by Armand (the store owner and manager).

This frame was shot by Armand (the store owner and manager).