Testimonials that Touched my Heart

An inspiring philanthropist, a singer, a model and  very dear friend, Mina Chang has often graced my portfolio with her stunning pictures. And just like she touched many lives with her charity work, she has touched mine with her big heart and her appreciation of my photography.  This testimonial by Mina will always be one of my most cherished endorsements:

"With the masses having access to high tech cameras and even cameras on cell phones, the title 'photographer' seems to have been diluted in the world of art. As a recording artist and model, I have the great opportunity to work with photographers all around the world. But the tastefulness and elegance that your work exudes will always make you my favorite. When I look at your archives, I am always moved to want to know more about the person you photographed. I think that is what makes your work so distinctive. Your photos stir the emotions and make the viewer want to take action in some way. When we look at your art, we are not just looking at a photo. We are seeing it. I feel that I get to experience a glimmer of the subject's soul when I look at your work. Whether it is the beauty in the delicate lines and battle wounds from a gentleman's face or the simple glow of a woman's body, you are able to translate your perception of beauty into an image. Today, a beautiful picture is just not enough and I love that you really believe that. Your portraits capture intensity, grace, elegance, strength and beauty into timeless images. Ansel Adams said that there are always two people in every photo; the photographer and the viewer. I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to work with such a gifted photographer. Thank you for embracing all of the challenges and sharing your creativity and passion with the world. "   - Mina Chang