Testimonials that Touched my Heart


Leticia Alaniz and I crossed paths in a bizarre coincidence. She was dressed in a beautiful red Sari for an engagement shoot with another photographer who is a good friend of mine. I just snapped a few pictures of her – my instinctive reaction to any beautiful sight. Leticia saw something in her portraits that she was able to articulate in a way no one, not even I, had ever been able to express before. Her words arose in me a new awareness of my images and the stories they tell.


"Why does a photograph have such a powerful effect on our emotions?  We can be transported thru an image into our imaginations to stories that convey deep messages of happiness, sadness, triumphs, or distant lands or even the exotic, grotesque, and the all too expected simple beauty. William Bichara's photographs wonderfully capture emotion, and you cannot help but wonder:  what is on his mind when he looks thru his lens?  What takes over his thoughts and grabs his spirit to press away at the shutter?  There is no doubt that his sentiment is portrayed and his message is clear.  

All photography captures a moment, but Bichara not only captures moments but the spirit of the subjects he photographs, it may be a living or a still life, but it becomes emotional and thus we become a part of his subjects.  

I had the privilege  of being captured by his keen eye and sensibility with his camera.  The truth is that it was a photo session with no aesthetic direction except a beautiful, Indian saree that I wore.  It was simply the mood and romance of the moment that was to be photographed.  I was just the carrier of that mood.    He was briefed on the sentiment , and he captured what he felt and  his reaction of those feelings.  The results are stunning, poetic, and beautiful.  The story is told, and once again without fail the emotions are conveyed.  Bichara proves to be an artist and his medium: the camera." - Leticia Alaniz